September 8, 2019

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Julie Ostler

Medical Update [Mom]

Update, September 8, 2019, Elder Daniel Ostler:
Emotionally - top notch (thank you again for your faith and prayers!)
Ecoli and Gastritis - getting better each day with a few minor set backs. Still on the four week course of medication.
Back/knees/ankles pain - not so good. They did not do the MRI in the mission field as we had expected. It was decided that it is in Daniel's best interest that he return home to get these pain issues taken care of. He has difficulty walking so he is unable to go out to do missionary work. He has been working in the mission office where he has little to no walking required. It has been decided that he will return home as soon as the paperwork for his return is completed, likely this week.
The future for him is unknown at this point. He will return to Washington where he will get medical diagnosis and treatment. After this has been completed (or perhaps during his treatment) it will be decided whether he will return to Mexico, return to a different mission, or have completed his mission and move on with his life. The future is unknown but we trust that God is orchestrating the best path for Daniel and for those he has the opportunity to serve and bless. I know I have been blessed as I have offered my faith and prayers in his behalf. I am grateful for the awesome young man that he is and hope that he will have complete healing and yet have the opportunity to bless many lives as he goes through this process.
Thank you for every prayer you have and will yet offer for us. I know I am feeling at peace with everything as a direct result of your offerings. We love you!


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