August 31, 2019


Mexico Cancun Mission


Elder Guinaráes

Transfered again...

Hey everyone,
So I got transfered yet again, after 2 days. I was in Corales in Cancún, but I'm still sick and so I can't work as much, so they put me in the offices as a secretary for now. My p-day will be on Saturday until further notice. Thank you all for your prayers, I love you guys.
So I'm also having problems with my back and legs right now, and when I got the x-rays the doctor told me that I need to talk to a surgeon to see if need surgery. I still don´t know exactly what's wrong with my back, but I'm going to have a MRI and talk to the surgeon this week on Tuesday to find out exactly what's wrong and if I need surgery. So that's fun, but I'm hoping and praying that I don't.
But something cool is that there is a General Authority Seventy that's going to come to the mission this month... And Presidente Marin has asked me to sing in a musical number at the confernce that we're going to have. The assistants and my companion told him that I sing and convinced him that we need to have a musical number in the conference. So... woohoo.
Well I love you guys so much, thank you for all your prayers for me.
Elder Ostler


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Mexico Cancun Mission

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