August 20, 2019

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Julie Ostler

Prayers needed

Yesterday, Monday, was Elder Ostler's p-day. When we had not heard from him by 4:00 pm I, Mom, sent an email inquiry to the mission president asking about Elder Ostler's health status. Within the half hour I received a phone call from the mission president. He was at the hospital with Elder Ostler. He was in fact signing hospital release papers...Elder Ostler had been in the hospital for four days undergoing testing to find out what was wrong with his digestive system. Apparently, after we talked with Elder Ostler on Saturday, August 10th, he returned to his area (not sure which day...Sunday? Monday?) but his issues worsened and he had to come back to the doctors in Cancun on Tuesday. At some point he was admitted to the hospital and remained there for four days undergoing testing. They have found nothing thus far. They will get more test results back tomorrow, Wednesday. We only talked with Daniel for a brief few moments on the phone yesterday via a static filled connection. He sounded good but we are hopeful for his health to improve. Any prayers you would offer in his behalf will be greatly appreciated.
We anticipate hearing from him this Saturday because it will be transfer weekend and the mission will observe p-day on Saturday this coming weekend.

Thank you for all your faith and offerings in his behalf.

Julie Ostler, Mom


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