July 1, 2019


Tulum Mexico


Elder Ames

Yay, I love being sick!

Yay, I love being sick!

Hola everybody,
Well this week has been interesting in both good and bad ways. This week on Tuesday I was sick and throwing up all day, and that lasted until Thursday night. And then my companion Elder Ames got sick yesterday and was throwing up all day, and a little this morning.
But then we also got to meet the new mission president and his family on Saturday. He and his wife were both born in Mexico, but they live in San Diego California, and they speak perfect english. They have 2 kids that came with them. They have a 12 year old daughter who speaks very little spanish, and they have a 16 year old son who speaks pretty good spanish and is learning more. They're awesone, and really fun.
After the conference on Saturday we had 2 baptisms, for Antonio and Ricardo. Antonio has a friend in the ward, Jose Tuz. Jose is awesome, and he only has one leg. When we asked Antonio who he wanted to baptize him he said Jose. So we asked Jose what he thought about that, and he said yes! So Elder Ames got in the font with them, off to the side, in case he needed help. But Jose did it by himself!!! That guy is so awesome!
Also I had to give a talk on Sunday, and it actually went really well!
Anyways, Love you guys,
Elder Ostler


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