May 30, 2019


Mexico Mexico City CCM


Elder Beecher

Semana 6

Hola everybody,
This my last week in the CCM! We leave at 2 in the morning on Monday!
Anyway, last week on Friday, Elder Holland came to the CCM, and gave a devotional. It was so awesome! Right when he walked in to the room everybody stood up and you could feel the spirit so strong! And I took 2 full pages of notes! Here are some of the quotes from the devotional:
"Immerse yourself in this opportunity God has given you, there is nothing in this world that God could give that is better.
"You cannot in good conscience go out and teach this gospel, and not have it come into your heart.
"This gospel means everything to me, and it needs to mean everything to you too.
"When you accepted your mission call, you signed up for an experience of joy, and some suffering.
"You are apostolic for the rest of your mission, we both have the same purpose. To spend every minute of every day inviting others to come unto Christ.
"The key to missionary success is the presence of the spirit, and the presence of the spirit comes through obedience.
"Go out and shake somebody, when you do they cannot deny the truth.
"It's going to be hard, it has to be hard, because salvation is not a cheap experience.
"Remember for the rest of your life that you heard me say, 'This is God's truth.'
Also Hermana Rusk, Price and I actually did end up singing in front of the whole CCM on Tuesday for the devotional. That day we also got 179 new missionaries. So they were all there for that. In other words I'm basically famous now. I was sooo nervous, but it actually went really well, at least that's what everyone tells me.
Alright, well, my next email will be from Cancun.
Love guys, talk to you guys next week,
Elder Ostler


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