May 2, 2019


Mexico Mexico City CCM


Hola everybody!!!

Hola, week one is over! It has been amazing experience so far, we hear gunshots everyday, and also fireworks almost everyday, but it's pretty cool. Learning Español has been pretty difficult, but it's insane how much I have learned in just 9 days! So far I've memorized the missionary purpose and the first vision in Spanish. And I've learned tons of vocabulary and phrases in Spanish!

There are 7 missionaries in my district: my companion Elder Beecher and I, and 5 sisters! We all get along really well, and we're having lots of fun. When we got here last week we were all told to prepare a 5 minute talk for sacrament meeting for Sunday. And guess what... I was the only one who had to give a talk from our district, and it was all in Spanish! It was pretty hard, and I stressed about it a lot, but it ended up being a pretty great talk, if I do say so myself. ;) Also since Elder Beecher and I are the only elders in our district, we are by default the district leaders ;) Two days ago I had a once in a lifetime experience...we were playing volleyball and there was a basketball hoop right next the volleyball net. Someone hit the ball to me and when I hit it, the ball went into the hoop nothin but net. A perfect swoosh. That was definitely one of the highlights so far. :) Elder beecher and I have a bunch of latino elders in our casa, and they are so much fun! They're hilarious, but they also really help us with our Spanish. On Monday night they invited us to have family home evening with them. And even though i didn't understand everything they said, it was so much fun, and the spirit was so strong there. Anyway that's all for this week! :) And for everyone who thought my p-day was Monday, lo siento it's actually today. You can send emails any day of the week but I won't be able to respond until Thursday.

Here are some pictures of my district, the people I flew here with, my companion and I:


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