February 4, 2018


1st Area


Elder Paongo

Week 16

Well, hello again everyone. last week was a good week, I got my new companion, Elder Paongo. He is a good Elder and we get along real well. We did three different service projects, and had a baptism. So it was a really busy week.

For the three different days of service we did, two of them were for less active members. One was the member was being kicked out of her house so we helped her move all of her stuff out of the house so she could get it moved to where she is now staying over in Victoria Park. The other one was a member who moved, and her daughter and son-in-law were cleaning the house and we helped them take a bunch of stuff to the tip (dump). The other service project was for an elderly woman who is a potential. We helped her clean her driveway from all the leaves and that kind of stuff. So we had a lot of service.

The baptism was for Sandra, the woman who moved here from Mexico right before Christmas. It was really cool to see the change it has made in her life and her choice to be baptized. The spirit was really strong there. And that was the baptism. Oh, and the ordinance was performed in Spanish. So that was really cool also.

We had a Come and See Devotional last night, and James came along to that. After the Devotional we introduced him to President Fife, and it led to about a two hour "Bible Bash" kind of deal, but not really bible bashing. President Fife was really bold in telling James what we believe and James just wouldn't accept it. I learned a lot from the conversation that they had. And learned that there is a lot that I still need to learn. Which is true. One thing that President Fife said, which I never thought of before is that "Some of the 'contradictions' you see James, are just God giving us further revelation and understanding than what we have already thought." President Fife is a spiritual giant.

That is pretty much all that happened this week. So, now on to the spiritual thoughts.

Why do we focus so much on service? The answer to that I think is look at the life Jesus Christ lived. It was full of service. We are supposed to live a life that is like His life, we should strive to serve those around us so that we can become like He is.
After yesterday, I found that I have actually been leaning on other peoples testimony for far too long. and about a week ago I started reading and finding out for myself, which I have done before, but I want to do it again and in more depth. And what I have found is that as I do so, my knowledge becomes greater. Heavenly Father wants to bless us as His children, but we inhibit that from happening when we sin. I can say that I know that this is the true church, and that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, and that we are continually led by Prophets. And I can say that I know that, but it is different for every person. Each person is different and believes different things. So find out for yourself, and as you do so, you will build your foundation on Christ. You will gain that sure foundation.

That is all for the week. Thank you all that have messaged me this week. It was good to hear from you. And I hope to hear from you continually. I challenge all of you to not only read the emails that I send out. But to actually apply them into your lives. But, the choice is yours whether or not you apply what I have said.

Thank you all,

Elder Anderson


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