November 10, 2014




Elder Bates

Our Church Attendance Was Huge

Hola familia!

Sorry I am writing a little bit late today but that's ok I think! We were going to write earlier but other Elders wanted to go play soccer so we went and played soccer! It was really fun! Some chicos went to play on their own and we played against them! Guess who won? We did! It was funny because they play very good with a lot of tricks and stuff but we still won and I made a goal! This week was really good! But we didn't have the baptism this week because Susana didn't go to church but she went to church yesterday! She had her interview for the baptism and everything so we are hopping everything goes good for this week for her to be baptized and also her daughters could be baptized too but we have to see. Laura didn't go to church and we haven't been able to contact her but today we are supposed to have her interview so we will see if she is ready for the baptism this week too! This week was really good and we worked really hard and had a lot of success! Our church attendance was huge! 110 people went and the other weeks have been in the 70s so that's good! A experience that was really cool this week was on Tuesday we had a lesson with a guy who lives in front of the church. He asked us how do we always have a peaceful and happy look on our face and always have excitement when we talk to people on the street. Then he asked us if we will do something because we taught him the first vision and he said he could feel something very powerful and that he can feel it every time he talks to us. He recognized the spirit and that was really cool! This week we also ate a lot of good food! Every day was something very good so that's another thing cool about my week! It sounds like everything is going good there! I bought a usb today so I can save the photos you send me and print them off so I can show people. Can you send me a picture of my baptism to show people? Thanks for putting money on my card. I ordered the scripture cases so they should be here in December. I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Hansen
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