July 28, 2019



Farewell Talk--Eye of Faith Talk

Introduction of yourself: My name is Cory Allmon. My parents are Ken and Melissa Allmon. I have lived in this ward for about 11 years. I like to Rock Climb, do woodworking, cook, and camp. I do not love speaking in front of big groups of people and have avoided giving talks as much as possible since I was in primary. It worked out pretty good then because my sister always volunteered so the Allmon’s were represented and in primary class Katy Hollis was always willing to sign up. I just had to be very quiet and wait. Thanks Savannah and Katy! In young men’s, I volunteered to do anything and everything except talk in sacrament meeting so that worked out too. I have been called to the Texas, Houston, East Mission (which is nicknamed THE mission), and I leave for the MTC on August 7.

Introduction of the topic or the article the talk is based on Bishop asked me to talk on the general conference talk by Neil Anderson called The Eye of Faith. In this talk Elder Anderson discusses what truth is, how we can discern truth using the eye of faith, and finally looks at the truths of the Proclamation to the Family using an eye of Faith.

Topic 1: What is truth
Elder Anderson explains that if you do a google search for “What is truth” you get more than 1 million responses. We have more available information on our cell phones than ever before and he says we live with “information and opinion overload”

Because of this overload of information, many people believe the words of Socrates, He said, “What is true for you is true for you and what is true for me, is true for me. “

Topic 2 How we can discern truth using the eye of faith
Elder Anderson says because we are “blessed with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, we humbly declare that there are some things that are completely and absolutely true. These eternal truths are the same for every son and daughter of God.

While google might have 1 million responses for the question of “what is truth?”, Doctrine and Covenants 93:24 teaches that “truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come. Truth puts things into perspective for us. The truths that Elder Anderson highlights are
First, Eternal life comes only through Jesus Christ
Second that Jesus teaches us how to live, offers us forgiveness of our sins and immortality beyond the veil.
And third, that no matter our circumstances on earth, our purpose on earth is to strengthen our faith in Christ, choose good over evil, and to keep His commandments.

He tells us that God has given us the way to learn and know essential spiritual truths. The way we can do this includes reading the scriptures, through our personal prayers and our own experiences, through the counsel of living prophets and apostles, and through guidance of the Holy Ghost, who can help us to “know the Truth of all things.”

Paul said, “ The things of God knoweth no man, except he has the Spirit of God… For they are spiritually discerned. This is what Elder Anderson meant by having an “eye of faith”. By doing these things I have learned about the truth of the gospel.
When I was in the Teacher’s quorum, Jay asked us to read the whole Book of Mormon in a pretty fast amount of time. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me. However, i decided to set the goal and make it happen. My testimony of the gospel grew because I did this.
Another commandment that helped me learn more about truth and faith was the commandment to attend the temple regularly. Throughout high school, going to the temple helped me have the Spirit with me and helped me not be confused with the information overload that sometimes happens to teenagers.
Finally, when President Nelson asked the youth to fast from social media, I learned that when I did this, I was able to listen to the Spirit better.

“Topic 3: the truths of the Proclamation to the Family using an eye of Faith. The next part of Elder Anderson’s talk discussed looking at the truth of Proclamation to the Family using an eye of Faith. He explains that there are several simple truths in the proclamation:

First, “All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny.”

Second that We lived before our birth and knew God and accepted his plan

Third that life is sacred and it is important to God’s plan.

Elder Anderson says that when we look at the Proclamation to the Family with an eye of faith, the principles are connected and shows Heavenly Father’s plan for his children.

The cool thing about using the eye of faith to understand the proclamation is that it is okay to have questions and sometimes we might feel like we don’t fit “neatly inside the Proclamation.” Elder Anderson explains that when we “prayerfully ponder (our) honest questions, those questions will be settled with patience and an eye of faith. We use the ways we talked about before to learn the answers to those questions: prayer, reading scriptures, listening to the Holy Ghost, and keeping the commandments. And sometimes, just waiting with faith that everything will be okay.

Conclusion and bear your testimony I am excited to serve the people of the Texas Houston East mission. I want to teach them about the Savior and about faith. I know that if I am obedient and do my best, Heavenly Father will show me how to do this. Bear your testimony… maybe say something about being grateful to your leaders and family,


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