December 10, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

Whoohoo New Area

Hello hello family and friends! It's Elder Ashton here from... NOT AGUILARES!!! Woohooo (pounds chest in cyber). I've been transferred here to Tribuno, Salta, and I am so pumped. My new companion is Elder Parra, from Peru. I've received mixed reviews about him (him and his companion had to get separated last transfer because they were fighting) but he baptizes a lot and is a hard worker, just a little special. But, I'm excited to work with him for sure!! So, this last week in Aguilares was a little wild. Elder Ferreira and I both got the stomach bug, BAD!! I won't go into details, but the both of us were out of commission for two days. Then, when we finally got better, the next day THE POLICE BROKE INTO OUR APARTMENT BUILDING, told us we had to come with them, and then were in the room as they busted and arrested one of our neighbors, hahaha. Super crazy, and we ended up being there for 6 hours being police witnesses. Crazy!!! So, the members here pulled out all the strings for me. I got gifted a ton of asados, and this little book of the church called "Saints" (Santos in Spanish). I'm grateful for me time there, but pumped to be here in Salta. My companion has informed me that we should have a baptism this Saturday (whattttttt). So, that'll be lit. Information about my companion. His 20th birthday is tomorrow. All of his family are members, and he's been in the mission for 16 months. He is super crazy, and likes to tell jokes. Haha, that's all I got from the 3 hours I've spent with him so far, but yeah that's about it! Thanks for all the love and support, I'll hear from you all next week! Love,Elder Ashton
Fun Facts:1. His bus ride from Aguilares to Salta was 5 hours. He got to watch Captain American Civil War and take a nap.2. His neighbor was arrested for robbing old people of money and put one old man is so much debt that he killed himself.3. He learned from Elder Ferreira how to be an effective missionary. He taught him when he should drop investigators when they are not progressing, when he should invite them to be baptized, and how to do a good street contact.


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