October 1, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 11 Granjas

QOTW: Let will be your reason
So first of you lovely people of gorgeous America HOW ARE YOU! Lets go we have work to do go share your love of God with someone or do some service! The time is now, so lets use it wisely haha... So about this quote it is from an Elder Holland talk, and it struck me because sometimes I just do stuff because I have to or because I am expected to... Not anymore. I am giong to put my heart into everything I do now, will will be my reason. We all have agency. Lets be agents and act, and not be acted upon. So this week has been another humbling week and an eye opener for me. This week was the first time in over a month that I was able to take a hot shower, and I started crying I was so thankful. How many things i took for granted haha! God has given us so much good in the world, and I took it for granted. Well not anymore, I am grateful for everything now so yeah, haha no more of that. Love the members and people here, starting to understand the language better. Still just smiling when I make a mistake. Smile smile  smile. 
Monday was sweet. I read a little bit of Matthew 18 and read the story of the talents and the forgiving master. Basically we are all the servant who is forgiven an INSANE amount of money, an infathamable (forgot how to spell that word haha ingles es dificil!) amount. And he willingly forgave. Just like how our Savior willingly forgives us. He has paid the infinite debt with his infinite atonement. So lets show our appreciation and use it, it is there for everyone.
Tuesday pondered more about the Atonement. How grateful I am for that. Alma 7:11-13 please study that. Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sent his ONLY Begotten Son, to save us. That is how much he loves us. The Atonement is not just for sins, it is literally everything. Jesus Christ suffered all so he could succor all. He knows us perfectly and how we are feeling. He has presented us with the most wonderful gift given to save mankind, are we going to use it or let it sit on the counter?
Wednesday we had a reunion for the nuevos and we had the coolest food and stories. So thankful for misison president President Whitesides, he is so loving and kind. From the older kids I learned just to enjoy the time here because it flies faster than you know it... so here i am trying to enjoy myself haha. I find i am a lot happier when I share my testimony or help someone or bring to light the true gospel of jesus christ to someone.... so thats legit haha
Thursday was a little dagger in my heart. Conference is in spanish... I dont get to hear my prophets voice?? Literally started to get a lump in my throat, another thing i took for granted before my mission. The chance to hear the voice of the Prophet of God, what a privelege that is. I hope we treat it as such. He has been called of God, he will give us direction for our lives and help us with questions we have.
Friday I almost started a fight for trying to get grass off of someones shirt haha. Whoops, guess you have to be friends with someone and trust them to help them get grass off their shirt. He was a joven too! ahah oh well live and learn. Good day, got to hangout with the other elders which is always so much fun, they are so nice to me and make me laugh.
Saturday was two baptisms for another zone! Super fun and spiritual. Love baptismal services and cannot wait to help others start their journey towards salvation. Afterall, baptism is the first ordinance of this Gospel. It is like the door that leads to other covenants and helps us on the straight narrow path to the celestial kingdom. Love it baby!
Sunday was tranquil. Please never take for granted sundays with family. Time goes by to fast to take that for granted. Families are so important and so loving. Golly I love my family so much.
So this week has been tough and fun, so happy to be here serving the people of Colombia, and more importantly showing my love for my Savior Jesus Christ! Love you all and hope the best for ya!
Love Elder Anderson

Me and Elder Gardner, he is from utah
Missioneros of our zone, San Fernando
Elder Rosa, holy snot this brazilian can play the guitar! he is so cool


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