March 24, 2019




Elder Carroll

March 24

Hey family,

wow another quick week here in paranaque. Ive been having such a fun time. This week was fun because we got to go talk to president during interviews and got to go on mtc exchanges.

tuesday was fun because we had our district council meeting and interviews. We practiced teaching a 4 minute restoration message, which is a super fun practice teaching to do. It helps us become better teachers as we focus on the most important aspects
of the message and helps us teach them more clearly. we also had an assignment to write an essay in our own words about the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. This excercize allows us to strive to increase our own knowledge of the restoration and
personalize it in our own words. our mission president referred to it as "making the restoration yours". I was having a hard time writing in english so I decided to write mine in tagalog iinstead. its super funny how the spirit flows in your mission language.
really cool experience. after we finished our meeting, we had extra time so elder carroll and I decided to go tracting in downtown makati. We found a park and started talking to people about the church. It was a super fun day. and on top of it all, we
got some subway. what an excellant day.

jerry is doing fantastic. He is progressing so well and you can see the happiness that is increasing in his life. He is so awesome. We were teaching the 10 commandments on saturday, when i had a really cool experience. we were encouraging him to get
rid of the graven images in his house and were reading out of exodus 20 (about the 10 commandments). Because of traditions, it was a bit hard for him to hear. I asked him if he would be willing to get rid of them. he didnt answer us for a couple minutes.
I was about to speak again when the spirit stopped me. The words came to my mind, "be silent." I followed the prompting of the spirit, as did my companion who felt a similar prompting. As a few minutes passed, we watched him read the bible verse over and
over again. after a few minutes of silence, the spirit descended on us, confirming the truth of what we had shared. It felt amazing. in that moment I knew that God had tesstified the truth of our words to brother jerry. It was a wonderful feeling. He
is seriously so great. he was telling us about how his friends invited him to the province for the weekend and he told them, "i cant, because i would miss church on sunday." he is so great.

jean's baptism is on this saturday. we are super excited for her. she is super ready and is excited as well. This will be elder carroll's first baptism which is really exciting. I am so happy for him. The first is such a wonderful experience. I remember
the joy that i felt when i baptized jenny. I dont think ive ever felt that happy. That was a night tto remember.

there are moments that i realize how attached i am to the philippines. moments when i realize how wonderful my mission has been so far and how i never want it to end. I had a lot of those moments this week with the members and with those we are teaching.
wee are teaching some wonderful people. Jake, rose, andrea, nick, jerry and his wife, jean, michael, mike, kyle, and the list goes on. There are times where i look at them and just think. wow i love these people. my heart is here in the PI. The members
i love equally as much. marvic, adrian, princess, fay, aaron, jubelle, jethro, and all the leaders are so great. I love this ward. what a wonderful area to be assigned in. what a great blessing.

This week has been a cool experience to help bring back some people to the church. One night while we were tracting, a woman pointed to a house and tod us that members lived in there. we went and met a family called the vicente family. They had not
gone to church in years but were exstatic to have us come in and teach. as an nvitation, we invited them to experiment a full month of going to church every week and promised that they would feel the changes and an increased happiness in their lives. they
accepted and came to church this sunday!! it was so great to see them. i often think of christ's parable of the prodical son and the lamb that was lost. he asked, who having 100 sheep but loseth one does not leave the 99 and go after the 1? and when he
findeth it he rejoiceth. What a blessing to not only be inviting others to come to christ, but also inviting to come BACK to christ. what a blessing. we also met a man named jupiter. he was from the province and hasnt been to church in years. we invited
him this week and he came. it was equally awesome to see him. he had no church clothing, so after church we brought him one of my shirts and one of elder carroll's ties so that he could have clothes to wear next week. he also committed to read the bom every
day this week. great guy.

andrea and nick are doing fantastic. andrea is doing great on her reading and they are going to watch some general conference together this week to get to know president russsell m nelson better. they are seriously the cutest.

im having so much fun! missions are the best.

elder dyches


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