March 3, 2019




Elder Carroll

Paranaque 3/3/19

Hey everybody,

sorry its been a couple weeks since Ive been able to write a letter. With the new call rule, ive been spending all my time talking with my parents. Which has been AWESOME by the way. Im so happy that we can call each week. It makes being away from home
a lot easier and helps me stay close to those I love. Im so happy.

The last few weeks have been really good. Our tinituruan Rod moved to the province. We managed to teach him almost everything, but he will be baptized down south. What a funny guy, Im really gonna miss him. it was such a fun and unique experience to
teach in english. I kept accidentally slipping into tagalog. it was so hard. It was really fun to see my companion teach rod though. He is newer in the mission than I am, and it was really fun to see him be able to teach without language worries. he is
a stud and is making such amazing progress. I am so happy for Rod and his wife and am grateful that we got to be a part of their conversion process.

These last few weeks have been really fun for teaching Jake and Jerry. Jake has been ready for a long time, and will have his baptism in april. We are SUPER excited for that. he is seriously such a great guy. Super funny. Jerry has made amazing progress.
At the start, he wasnt interested in baptism or the church. But over time, through reading the book of mormon and going to church, his whole attitude changed. Whenever we come now, he has snacks waiting for us and then is eager to share his insights from
the book of mormon. he is reading in 3 nephi right now, and seems to be loving it. His retention to detail is amazing. When we follow up his reading, he goes WAY into detail about his reading, mentioning specific names, places, details, and spiritual learning.
It is super awesome. He opens up way more to us now. It feels like seeing one of our close friends. Such a great guy. His wife has been in the province and he has still been coming to church. The last time we asked about baptism he said, "its close elder.
i just want to talk to my wife about when." we were super excited to hear that. He has seriously progressed so much. You can feel the spirit working in him which is awesome. My favorite lesson we taught him was a lesson on the joy of baptism. i started
by sharing experiences about my baptisms in san juan and how much happiness it brought them. We then asked him about his reading. He said that he was on 3 nephi chapter 27. The spirit prompted me that we should teach him out of that chapter. We began teaching
him about the name of the church. He gave really good insights, and the spirit was so strong. We then read verses 19 and 20 about the saviors invitation to be baptized. That was when I noticed the most change in him. Oh my word the spirit was so thick.
Im so lucky to be a missionary. He will be baptized this march hopefully. We are goaling the 16th.

We started teaching a new person this week. her name is Andrea Abando. She is super cool. Her entire family are members, and she has been waiting to be baptized forever. She hasnt been able to because she was super pregnant. She just had her baby
and is really excited to be baptized. We taught her once and she eagerly accepted the date. She said that next week she would probably be able to go to church. She is super nice and her husband is hilarious. We went over and they had cooked us a big meal,
so we all ate before we taught. While we ate, i got a phone call. I was about to hang it up, when i felt like I should answer. When i did, it was the sister missionaries from the visitors center. They said that they had a referral for us. That they had
been teaching her over skype and that she already had a baptismal date. We were super excited and went immediately afterward to her house. We taught her, she went to church, and has a baptismal date for march 23. Her name is sister Jean. she is super funny
and im really excited about teaching her.

Cool experiences:

One day this week, we were going home for the night. we had just left a lesson in gatchalian and were already out of that area. We were walking when I stopped and turned to my companion, "we need to go back and ask for a referral." we went back to the
house, and were only able to talk to their 10 year old daughter. I asked her where her aunt lived and she pointed next door. We went to the house and the lady asked. "why are you here right now? Its late. why right now?" we managed to obtain a return appt.
During the appt, she opened up about how her stress was overwhelming and how she prayed for help, when we showed up. She was amazed at the timing. She also said that since we had arrived, she had all her burdens lightened. It was a really cool experience.
It strengthened my testimony of promptings. especially not delaying them. What would have happened if i had decided to wait and ask a referal next time, or decided to contact her another time. I am so glad that i was able to listen to the spirit and be
the answer to someones prayer. Its amazing how the spirit works :)

zone conference: zone conference is the best, especially mission tours. We had a member from the area presidency come. Elder wokolo. he is the absolute best. He shared messages with us about missionary work and repentance. We did a big practice teaching
excersize and were spiritually stregthened. It was my last time seeing Elder Armadillo. During zone conference, we hung out the entire time. We talked and joked with eachother just like old times, before taking pictures and saying goodbye. It was heartbreaking
for me to say goodbye to him. he is one of my very closest friends and im so proud of him for finishing his mission. Im gonna miss him like crazy. I was so blessed to be his companion for so long. 4.5 months together, 24/7. We got so close. he was such
a great missionary and im so grateful for him. What a great friend. Love that guy a lot.

we did service in gatchalian this week, cleaning a creek. it was super nasty. We had these giant poles with nets on the end, to fish out stuff. It was seriously so much fun, but so gross. We found diapers, bottles, shoes, and the worst: a dead dog!!
It was so nasty. We all had a really fun time though. afterward we all had snacks and hung out. There were a ton of us missionaries.

Exchanges with elder dial. We went on exchanges in my area this week. Elder dial came. It was super fun to learn from him and to work together. he is such a good district leader. He has been a dl for almost a year and is super good. He is such a great
guy and looks for the good in everyone. He followed up our exchange the next night and complimented my strengths and asked what i thought we could improve on. It was awesome. he is such a great guy. I would love to be his companion someday.

Ive had a great week, but I am sad about the going home batch. Elder Armadillo, sister Rebuya, and elder O'conner are all such great friends and it really hurts to see them leave but I know that they will be blessed and that the work goes on. I love
the mission so much.


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