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On behalf or Elder Conner Zortman 1-7-19

On behalf or Elder Conner Zortman
Elder Conner Zortman

Tonna Zortman
Mon, Jan 7, 8:58 AM
to Alex, Alisha, Becky, Britany, Casey, Casey, Charlene, chris, chris, Esther, Gina, James,, Norma, Norma, Tammy, tana, Tina, Todd, Tom, me

Hello to all,

I currently serve in 18 wards and 2 stakes. It is a bit of a challenge to get to all of them. We are on a routine to see as many as we can each week. Right now the work is slow. We are not teaching many people. My favorite thing about my companion is that he is from Arkansas also. We also came out about the same time. I am currently studying the Book of Mormon. but I will be starting the Come Follow Me book soon. My favorite thing about being a missionary is no school. Just kidding mom! I like getting to meet people that have struggled in life and how the gospel can change their life for the better. My favorite meal I have eaten on my mission is chicken. I have been asked to speak only once during my mission so far. I have attached my talk below.

Hello I am Elder Zortman I'm from Bentonville Arkansas and I have been asked to to give a talk on choosing this day whom you will serve. I would like to start off with telling the story of Mary Poppins that Elder Renlund gave in his talk in General Conference. Mary Poppins is a typical English nanny—who happens to be magical. She blows in on the east wind to help the troubled Banks family of Number 17, Cherry Tree Lane, in Edwardian London. She is given charge of the children, Jane and Michael. In a firm but kind manner, she begins to teach them valuable lessons with an enchanting touch.Jane and Michael make considerable progress, but Mary decides that it is time for her to move on. Then Marys chimney sweep friend named Burt comes along and says , (“But they’re good kids, Mary.”) What really struck me is what she said in response (“Would I be bothering with them if they weren’t? But I can’t help them if they won’t let me, and there’s no one so hard to teach as the child who knows everything.”) Heavenly Father wants to help us but he can't if we don't ask for his help I have see people that don't know that heavenly father can help them through these hard times. I would like to bear my testimony that Christ did perform miracles when he was on the earth and that he really was sacrificed on the cross so we can be forgiven for our sins. Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. He translated the gold plates. If you pray to know if what you are reading in the Book of Mormon is true you will get an answer.

The prophet Lehi said: “Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one or the other.” At a fundamental level, one option is represented by Jesus Christ, the Firstborn of the Father. The other option is represented by Satan, Lucifer, who wants to destroy agency and usurp power.

He is the one who tells us we are not adequate, the one who tells us we are not good enough, the one who tells us there is no recovery from a mistake. He is the ultimate bully, the one who kicks us when we are down.

If Lucifer were teaching a child to walk and the child stumbled, he would scream at the child, punish him, and tell him to quit trying

If Christ were teaching a child to walk and the child stumbled, He would help the child get up and encourage the next steps. Christ is the helper and consoler. His ways bring joy and hope—eventually and always.

I know this to be true. Jesus Christ is alway there for us. Thank you for your many prayers.

Elder Zortman


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