March 16, 2020




Thats a crazy week!!

Hey there everyone! Wow this has been a crazy week!! The coronavirus is freaking ridiculous!! Just be healthy so I can keep working hahaha!! But yes the corona is a joke but I don't want to have my email  to be about this joke. 
So to start off this week me and my comp had a baptism this weekend! We baptised a kid named William. He is 11 years old and he is pretty cool. But haha he was scared of water and it took about 5 minutes of convincing to get him in the water and about 2 more minutes to actually baptise him hahahaha!! But he finally got baptised and his friends that came with him now want to be taught and baptised hahah! So we will see if we can get them baptised to.
But Friday before the baptism we had another soccer activity and it was super fun! we brought a lot of kids and it turned out super good!! Haha i love playing soccer with the kids!! It is the best way to work hahaha.
Anyway so all is good here! Just trying to enjoy the heat and figure out a way to work without getting corona haha jkjk. But all is good! Love it here! But please email me. I would love to hear from you guys! Love you guys!
Love Elder Jonesy


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