September 23, 2019




6 Months!

Hey there fam and friends!!! How is everything going? I hope all is good!! 
But yeah I have reached 6 months! 1/4 mark in the mission!!! And I am loving it! The mission is so fun, but not going to lie its hard!!! But i am learing so much!!
But anyway this week we had a really cool expirience! We were just out contacting looking for some new people to teach and we were walking down this road and both had this feeling to clap this one house and so we did and this dude came out and his name is Cristian. He is super cool! he didnt have to much time to talk the first time but the second time we went to his house was amazing!! He talked about how he has been missing something in his life and there was a hole that needed to be filled. But after our lesson he said that he thinks the gosple is his missing part!!! So we talked to him about baptism and he said that people need to be baptised when theyre a little bit older to make the choice for them self he jsut said he believes in a ton of the things we believe in!! So he came to church with us this week and after he just said I love this!!! He also have a date to be baptised!!! How crazy!!!!
Anyway one day me and my comp were bored one day out contacting so we said if we were going to contact all morning we were going to contact our way to Paraguay cause the boarder of our area is Paraguay. So thats what we did haha. So throughout our morning we made our to Paraguay.  And honestly that is the way to work!!! In the mission you need to find things to help make the days go by but a little more fun!
But anyway i love you all super much!!! I hope if any of you guys want to go on the mission cause it is so fun!! Hard but fun!!! }
And here are some picture not having to much meaning but here are some pictures for you guys!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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