August 5, 2019




Plant the trees you want and where you want them please!

Hey everyone! Hope your week was good!
Anyway yes the name of the email is a little different this week. And some of you might wonder why? Well I will tell you why haha.
So this week one of our ward members came up to me and Elder Velasques and asked of we could come and help her move a tree stump cause she never liked the tree and never liked where she put it. So I didnt think it would be to bad so of course I said yeah we will be over tomorrow. So tomorrow came and we went over right at 9:30 am and she took us to the tree and she handed us two shovels and a axe and said ok here ya go and good luck. And honestly it didnt look bad until I started to dig. It is a flipping nightmare haha!! what she didnt tell us was there are two other tree roots intertwinned with it. And my comp isnt all into hard work so i just went hard with the axe cause that was the only way to start digging. haha about 2 hours later i got a foot deep ring around the tree and I then realized that there is no way I can do this. I amde some calls and no one could help so hopefully I can get it done soon!! But please just plant your trees where you want them haha!! 
But anyway this week as I was studding the scripture I came across something really cool. It is in Jacob 1: 19 and Jacob 2: 3. Please go and read it!! But basically what it talks about is how we need to magnify our offices (callings) and how if we dont and we arenot working they way that God wants us to be that we will take upon the responibility of the sins of those that we teach!! Pretty heavy right!!? But when you read in chapter 2 verse 3 it tell how when we are diligent and magnify our offices how we then become selfless!! Which is amazing!! When we are selfless and just put all our might to the lord we are bless beyond want we can imagen!!
Anyway I love you all and hope you all are great!! Have a great week!! Here are some pics for the week!! Love you all!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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