April 17, 2019




Onto Week 4!

Hey everyone!! How are you all doing? This week was pretty repetitive again but its all good!! Each day gets better and better!! Here in two weeks I will be heading down to Argentina!! It is going to be wild!! But the spanish is still coming! A little faster but still slowly and surely!! 
We have been teaching our teachers and wow it is pretty hard! But its good!! We are getting better and better each lesson! Its quite fun!!
But today we got to go to the temple and it was so fun!! Here they have live a mini temple square and it is so cool!! And the session we had was so spiritual!! I wanted to turn around and go through again!! But there is this little shop and it sells the coolest ties!! They also have a statue of christ that is so beautiful!! wow it was amazing!! But the way to and from the temple is nuts!! There are people standing in the middle of the free way selling this random crap while everyone is driving like a angry teenager hahaha!!! But there is this part of the City that we call the rainbow and all the houses are these crazy colors!!! Its pretty crazy here!!
This monday was rough though cause all of our spanish friends left to their missions... the house is so much more quiet now... But its good!! They are going to kill it!! Im so stoked for them!! And while we are on the topic of leaving congrats to Breckyn well now ELDER BOND!!!!!! SO proud of him!!! The mission is so sick!! And if you are scared of the mission and you think you are going to fail you wont!!! My mission Pres said that there is only one way to fail and its by quitting! SO if youre heading out DO NOT QUIT!!!! That is the only way you can fail!!
Well I hope you guys have a awesome week!! Love and miss you all!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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