September 11, 2017


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Elder Josh Michaud

Week 11 - Faith again I guess

This week has gone well. I am having a great time with my new comp. He is pretty into comics and stuff so that has been super fun. We will have conversations for hours at night about super heroes and its funny because its kind of like deep doctrine in the scriptures. Thats probably a bad comparison but he have deep talks about it hahah.

The work is going great though. Those 2 younger boys that we have been teaching are on date for baptism but its looking like we wont have the baptism before the transfer so that means that most likely one of us wont be in the area when that happens unless we stay comps another transfer and stay in this area. But that doesnt happen very often but it does happen. But these 2 kids are doing great and are so excited to be baptized. Its awesome.

We have been teaching another girl named Alysa. Shes in her early 20s and wants to know if it is true but she needs to put more effort and faith into it before shes going to get an answer so i hope we can help her with that.

We have been taking someone out with us while we teach lessons. His name is Isaac. He is someone that needs a little more faith. I can tell that he has almost received answers but its something that takes a little more effort than we are naturally willing to go. I believe that the Lord wants to answer everyones prayers but its something that we have to go out of our way to get. We need to show the Lord that we truly want this and put forth the effort because the Lord isnt going to just give us things. We receive blessings through our efforts. And i think thats something that can be hard to remember. Because we start to lose track of things and start to lose faith and then we stop seeing those blessings. It needs to be a continual thing. Every prayer should be said with deep meaning and faith. Sorry that I am bringing up faith again but i think that it is something that most people overlook.
I hope everything is going well. Live life to the fullest!
-Elder Bassett


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