March 26, 2018




Elder Ondracek

I'm an Uncle

hey dad,
sounds like things are going pretty good back at home. When things happen in america we usually know about it pretty soon either from the senior couple who is from ireland or from people we visit. They think it is crazy but things happen here as well. The things that happen here are mostly with knifes because gun laws are strict. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to own guns. So nobody in the townships really own guns because they are poor. There are a couple white guys in our ward that i think have guns. but gun laws are very strict. We try to teach anywhere from 15 to 20 investigator lessons every week. Then about 7 recent converts and 7 less-actives and 7 members. but this week was ok, we had something crazy happen on sunday
hi mom
I was just sick that one day, ever since i have been fine. My companion was sick this week but i have been fine. The food is fine, nothing too crazy and i eat it just fine. I do wish i could have some american food. Elder ondracek's mom sent a big box full of junk food. so i did get to eat a bag of takis! I think easter is celebrated here, it isn't a huge deal but i have seen easter stuff in the stores. we will probably see general conference a week after it is actually held. kinda sucks. But this week has been an interesting one, i have a nice story to tell people who want to know what it is like in Africa. And a few things you need to know are 1- It is not my fault and nobody thinks it is, 2- Nobody is dead, and 3- Only one person is seriously injured. They were all super drunk, lol.
To start, i was asked to give a talk on the Sabbath day about 5 minutes before i gave it so i got to wing it. pretty easy. Then after church we took a fellow shipper with us and we were just checking up on a few investigators. I was driving and i was driving past a big tavern. As i drove past it, a drunk man and a drunk lady were fighting and right when i drove past it the guy pushes the lady right in front of our car and i just plow into this lady. I mean it was like you would see on TV! I hit her then she flew like 10 feet in front of us because i hit her HARD. then i get out of the car and there is over 100 black people, most of them drunk, that just surround our car and this lady. we called the police and an ambulance. When the police arrive is when things really get crazy. Drunk people just start fighting. And at this point i am just standing outside our car hoping nobody tries to fight me. but eventually we got everything all sorted out and we are all safe. But i can't believe that i ran into someone with our car and sent her home in an ambulance!
But i don't really feel too bad because they shouldn't be getting so drunk all the time and acting stupid. I is the end of the month when people get paid so all these stupid people just blow all there money on alcohol at taverns. I wonder why they are poor. President lebethoa called me this morning, then elder courtright will call me, then the area mental health expert will call us. The lady left a big dent in our hood. I don't have any pictures when we were there but our branch president did take pictures. This is why you can't drink while your walking down the street in america, haha
Anything crazy happen to you?


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