March 22, 2021


Angelopolis, Mexico


Elder Hernandez

Elder Quentin Cook

Whats up? It was another awesome week over here. We had tons of miracles and the biggest of all was Elder Quentin Cook did a virtual tour and taught us and 3 other missions here around us.    
For starters, we had tons of lessons fall through this week, but we had some really cool lessons with our friends! We taught this lady Claudia Hernandez and it was awesome! She loved the Restoration of the Gospel and asked for us to drop off a BoM. We went to drop it off and she had bought us drinks and bimbo bread. We explained the BoM and 20 mins later we got a text that she read the whole intro and all of the witnesses and loved it!! We have a lesson Tuesday with her and we are really excited to see where things go. We are also teaching this lady named Mari, a friend of Hno Cholula, and she is eating up the lessons too. She is super enthusiastic and loved the Plan of Salvation because her husband recently passed away. She is a trooper and says she has found something that brings meaning into her life! Also, Yolanda Cabrera is progressing a ton and she asked us to get baptized. She is praying about it right now!!   
I have tons of meetings and am getting things set up on the Tech and Zone side of things. No complaints! The best part of the week was Elder Cook talking with us. He went way off script so the translators butchered the spanish side of things so I got what I could out of it haha. When he bore testimony and promised us blessings, the spirit was so sincere that it strengthened my testimony to once again reaffirm that we do in fact have a living prophet and apostles that guide us to be able to return home to our Heavenly Father. One of the coolest parts was when he bore testimony and said, "I know the Savior's voice, and I know His face". Wow that is amazing and powerful. How amazing is that to know that we can too! He blessed us with peace and that is one of the most important parts of the gospel for me. I would not be doing what I am doing if I did not feel peace and comfort. That is the reason. We can be in the chaotic world, but we can still have peace.
I love you all and encourage you each to learn how the Lord speaks to you and how you can better follow Him personally and in your families!!
Elder Quackenbush
1. MLC
2. The night view(sorry I have no pics.... sorry mom)


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