February 22, 2021


Odessa, TX


Elder Hansen

Canceled Flights and Many Miracles...

Wow! HJoly cow was that a super fast and different week! I stayed in Lubbock since last Saturday until today (Monday). It was so fun to be with Elders James, Rowe, and Beyer. They are amazing Elders!!    With the wild snow storm, United ended up canceling our flights on Tuesday and rebooked them for Friday. Then they cancelled that and moved it to Saturday. They cancelled it Saturday and moved it Sunday. So we roll up to the airport Sunday morning at the crack of dawn and there was a website I had to register on to fly, that the missionary travel never told me about and couldn't access it when I got there and then the site crashed when I tried to do it on a random guys phone. They didn't let me on the plane and turns out it wasn't even necessary to have to fly. That got me a little frustrated from what was happening the whole week. But, the cool thing was I got to go to Lubbock's YSA ward and they talked a ton about Gods unconditional love for us. At the end, Bishop Fife gets up and says "we've got a little time so would you mind coming up and beating your testimony Elder Quackenbush?". It was awesome to get up there and share some of the real feelings from my heart. It is so comforting to know, but more importantly, feel Gods love in our lives. It was definitely something I was grateful I missed my flight for!    
Besides that, this past week was tons of Facebook work and it was a blast! We found so many new people for the Elders staying in Lubbock to teach and it was a grind. Saw so many miracles with people saying that it means something we reached out because they were praying to God for help. Really cool experiences!
So, Brendan from Odessa just accepted a baptismal date on Sunday and it was the best feeling ever. He read the Book of Mormon and said he knew it was true and that he needed to be baptized. It was amazing!! Keep him and the Robinson family in your prayers!    
I'm currently on the plane headed to Puebla, Mexico and I have already seen the Hand of the Lord today. There is a man that I started talking to on my flight from Lubbock to Houston that is going to Cholula for work this week. That was my first area in Mexico and we talked all about it and what we as missionaries do. He is a great guy. We have been talking nonstop. Then, we boarded the flight to Puebla and our flight to Puebla is pretty much empty, so we are sitting together in 1st class at the moment. Pretty bougie if I say so myself. This first class thing is no joke!  
So here's a little spiritual thought. I was hit super hard by the scripture in 2 Kings 20:5 "I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: Behold, I will heal thee". Christ truly does bind up our wounds and allow us to be healed. No matter what challenges, circumstances, sins, mistakes, illnesses, or stresses, Christ is the Master Healer. He is how we always have a way back and hope. I love how it says that God hears our prayers. Sometimes we feel the heavens are closed or that we are just not loved. I know that God does hear our cries and sees our true desires of our heart and it is his great wish to help us achieve those righteous desires. He will help us to become like Him and is always willing and able to heal us!!    
I love y'all so much and I am forever grateful for the Texas Lubbock Mission and for all of the wonderful people I have met there and I can truly say that I have changed myself since I first arrived in Lubbock. I can't wait for the future! 
Elder Quackenbush 
1. Got to go see President and Sister Child and sign the Mission Poster (Goodbye Texas, Lubbock Mission)
2. Eddie Bauer with Elder Beyer
3. The Tikka shack 
4. Spa-like face masks with the Elders 


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