February 15, 2021


Odessa, TX


Elder Hansen

Its been a good ride in Texas!

Man, that was one of my favorite weeks of my entire mission! It flew by and so much happened! 
For starters, the Midland and Odessa joint Zone Conference was so awesome! It was sketchy getting there with the weather, but we made it there having slid out only once! We talked about extending powerful commitments and understanding the 'why' behind missionary work. It was way fun to do for the first time in the mission the instruction together with the STL's. I learned a ton about how to better teach the 'why' behind the gospel.   
After that, we went clear out to Alpine to blitz the shack. It was so cold and it felt like we were camping haha. We patched up my inflatable bed and I still woke up on the floor in the morning. Some good memories there in Alpine for sure!
We got a call from President saying to head home from Alpine right then (This is on Friday btw) since there was a huge storm that was coming in. He then told us to leave Saturday at noon to come to Lubbock and wait in Lubbock till Tuesday to fly to Mexico. It was so sad to hear that I had less time to say my goodbyes to everyone in Odessa. We stopped by Mayra's house and shared a thought with her. That was a super powerful lesson with her talking about the Atonement and God's love. Such an amazing woman and family! I love them so much!
Elder James and I came up to Lubbock and had an amazing experience. The road conditions were horrible and the enitre road was iced over. We decided to pray again and when we opened out eyes the roads were literally clear. We drove pretty much normal all the way to Lubbock. It was a huge miracle and the Lord protected us! It now is snowing like crazy and the weather says it feels like -13 outside. I rolled in it last night for fun. Good times!  
We had the Zone "Come Follow Me" last night and it was an awesome experience! I love these missionaries so much and am so grateful for all the freindships we have been able to make while serving the Lord. At the end of the zone conference, the theme was talking about self-worth and I got to share my thoughts. Its amazing to know how much God really does love us and care for us. It was really hard to say goodbye and express my love to them. They sang "God be with you till we meet again" to close it out, as a surprise to the two of us. I was bawling like a baby. I will forever be grateful to the Lord for allowing me to come serve in the Texas Lubbock Mission!!    
Wanted to tell ya'll how grateful I am for each of you and for all of the love and support. You mean the world to me and have made such an impact on my life. If you ever feel alone or like you need someone to talk to, I am always here and would love to talk!! 
Elder Quackenbush

**Sorry for the pic dump but here it is….
1. Our meme clip boards 4 ZC
2. The Shack in all her glory 
3. Mayra Muniz 
4. Bishop Martin the goat 
5. Last buffet king run at 11am
6. We signed the mission board :(
7. Mobbing Lubbock with Elder Beyer and Rowe 
8. Beanie season in the Odessa Zone... We got everyone to wear 'em in all the meetings! 


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