January 11, 2021


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward

ZC and SLM

Wow... what a crazy fun week it was here! From Zone Conference to meetings and exchanges with the AP's, it is definitely one I won't forget!      
So for starters, our exchanges almost got cancelled since Elder Beyers Covid test results hadnt come back yet. At 6pm the day of the supposed exchanges, we got a call they were headed over since they were negative! Right before they got to our house, we all got a call that President and Sister Child hit a deer on the highway coming to Midland. We sent some rescue missionaries and now they are driving a 2021 highlander so it was a sweet upgrade. Things settled down and so we all wrestled that night and it was wild since the mission vehicle coordinators were at our house for Zone Conference too. Zone Conference was super sweet! Our new mission slogan is to be "His Hands". It is so cool and such a great opportunity to try our best to reach out and help others as He did. I sure love my Savior. They spent the night and we ended the exchanges at the good ole Buffet King. Man I love food.    
We had a super cool opportunity this week to help out one of our investigators. He and his family were all sick with the virus and had no food, so we got to go buy them food and drive the 30 minutes out to their house and drop it on the porch. It was a truly humbling experience.   
Lastly, Elder Harward and I got to travel to Midland for a Stake Leadership Meeting with Elder Torres of the Area 70. It was a super powerful experience talking about the power of ministering one on one. It all comes back to our love for the people and how we show love as Christ did. There is such an amazing opportunity to bless the lives of others no matter who you are!! After, we got Canes with Elders Jensen and Cooper and it was such a fun experience. We got hit with a winter storm and it has been so much fun having snowball fights with the other missionaries.   
On the spiritual side of things, I was stuying about Alma 32 and planting our seeds of faith. I love how it talked about the weeds always growing in our soil, the sin. It is not merely enough to mow the weeds, but we must pluck them at the roots. Repentance, or plucking the roots, is fully done when we root the sin out of us. All of us make mistakes and sin, but we can all change and clean our soil through daily repentance so that we can reap the rewards of eternal life. I love yall so much!!
Elder Quackenbush
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