December 21, 2020


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward

Transfers and MLC...

Merry Christmas! I hope y'all have a happy and amazing time spent with family reading some of my favorite stories!!   
This week was incredibly fast! We had transfers and we spent the next 2 days hauling beds and such to all of the apartments since there are 3 trios in the Zone now. I never realized how spread out the zone is until I had to drive it! We have some amazing missionaries here and it is crazy to see the strong testimonies of all of the trainees already.     In MLC, it got a little heated. We were talking about how to establish a better vision for the mission and how to better apply the safeguards we have. Some sometimes fail to see the true meaning behind rules and the why: so that we can become lifelong disciples that are able to avoid temptation and create good technology habits. We decided to hold our own Mini Zone Conference this coming week to help us become "One" and help others see the rules and safeguards as an amazing benefit and opportunity for lifelong success.    
I got to give a talk on Sunday about how I have deepened my realtionhip with the Savior and it was an awesome opportunity. I focued on challenges, doing the basic gospel principles, and letting God prevail in our lives. It all boiled down to us putting off the natural man and changing our very natures through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that He loves us, He understands us, and He allows us to repent and leave the past in the past. That is how we come to know Him- by using His Atonement to become one with Him and our families.
I love this gospel so much and the true peace and happiness that it brings to me in my life. I encourage y'all to stay close to it and rememeber to help others and allow them to change as we do the same!!
Elder Quackenbush
1. Goodbye Elder Richardson :( 
2. Took a pit-stop on the way back from Andrews
3. Got to see Elder Mismash after the meeting :)
4. Our view driving home from Lubbock


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