December 7, 2020


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward

"Time Machine"

Whats up! Hope yall are doing well and Merry Christmas! This week flew by once again and we had some awesome things come together!
So for starters, we had an amazing lesson with Amy. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it! The spirit was so so strong and she connected so well to us. She has gone through some pretty significant challenges and for that, she even says that she is super open to the gospel! She is an amzing lady that I cant wait to see what she will do!
We had exchanges in Ft Stockton (the sticks of our Zone) and it was a blast! Elder Keeslar and I had a good time together. He is still in training and has some wild ideas hahaha. We grinded facebook and set up lessons with 3 families! They all were taught this week and all loved the message! I swear there are always so many miracles on exchanges! 
So... time machine. There was this guy trying to refer to this furniture recycling place. He kept yelling time machine at us acting like we knew what was going on. Turns out its what we were looking for. We had gone a couple times previously.  When we got to time machine, we were there with Tony helping drop his furniture off. Right as we got done, this worker came flying over to me and started yelling at me. He banned all of us missionaries and our car from time machine because he said that we are contractors. I tried explaining we were just helping people who couldnt help themselves and he lost it. It was a lost cause so we got outta there. Long live the days at the time machine!
Besides that, I had some super powerful studies this week on changing the way we see life, God, and repentance. It was so cool to see how if our thoughts are in the right direction, there is always hope. God loves us so much and never wants to punish us! He has such a perfect love and desire to get us out of all of our trials when we let Him prevail in our lives. I love this gospel and yall so much! Hope everything is going great!!
Love, Elder Quackenbush
1. Elder Keeslar from the Exchange 
2.Buffet King pt. 2
3. A little service project cleaning up a house so they could adopt kids!! 
4. Elder Poppleton and Bird decorated our door for Christmas!


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