November 30, 2020


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward

Turkey Week

Man it was such a fun week!! We had 2 exchanges and had a blast with those awesome Elders!
So monday and tuesday we had the Ap's, Elder Beyer and Elder Rowe, come blitz our area. I went with Elder Rowe and it was so fun! We first went at 8:30 to teach our friend Carlos and we felt the spirit so strong. Our Spanish was rough, but he still did a decent job of understanding us. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted the invitation for December 19th!! Pray for Carlos! He has friends and they already listen to the church music and he already follows the Word of wisdom. He is so prepared!
We did some service at the food bank and finished the night out with an exchange review. I love those because we study for each other and our goals and help each other out with those. Super uplifting! 
We had exchanges with Elder Bird and Poppleton. Elder Bird is a big runner so we went running in the pouring rain and froze out cheeks off. Awesome! The day flew by and I really love that guy. We both are working on a lot of the same goals and such! 
So this week I've been pondering and reflecting about how much time I have left and my progress. I have so much more to improve on before I'm even close to heading home! I wrote a list of all of my weaknesses and what I lack and compared it to my Patriarchal Blessing. I then wrote goals, traits, and attributes that I need to get working on. It gave me a ton of direction! Elder Harward and I have talked alot about making our "Title of Liberty" , or life motto, like Captain Moroni, so we did. It was so cool to see what I'm fighting for and apply that as fire to reach my goals. So cool!
 Anyways I love yall and hope everyone is doing good! If there is anything I can do to help out, let me know!
Elder Quackenbush 
1. I rode Elder Richardson down the stairs like a sled and smoked the wall😅 Happy Thanksgiving!
2. Exchanges!! 
3. We did some trash hauling and had to take a timer selfie!


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