November 2, 2020


Odessa, TX


Elder Harward


Welp, the last 4 1/2 months here in Roswell, NM have been amazing and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people I have gotten to meet and love. Alien Ville was dope....

So, I am headed to Odeassa, TX to work with the zone and I am so excited! Chris Kyle has a memorial there and I am pretty stoked about that. Elder Montgomery is staying here and Elder Redd is coming to finish his training. I have heard amazing things about my new companion Elder Harward. I hear he is a goon just like me so it will be a fun time!

Elder Montgomery had horrible asthma this week so we stayed inside all week. He slept all day and I grinded on some super good studies. I finally gave up on cancelling all of the lessons for the week and started teaching alone. No cap it was so dope! We pop off here in Roswell! 

On Halloween, Sonic does 50cent corn dawgs. We pulled up with the Zone Lords and bought 22 of em. To our astonishment they were all gone before we even realized... 

I'm super sad to leave Roswell, but I know it is for a reason that I served here and am now going to Odessa. The mission is one of the best life decisions that I ever made hands down! It is amazing to see how the gospel changes the people we teach, but also us! Along the same lines, we have been focusing on Steven Ruiz, a convert from about a year ago, and he said to me yesterday that he finally wants to be a missionary, take out his temple endowments, and get the Melchizedek Priesthood! We have a lesson tonight to talk about it all and put a plan together. It is so awesome and amazing to see his progression! I know the Lord works in mysterious ways!

I love y'all and hope y'all had an amazing week! 
Elder Quackenbush
1. The one time that I left the house is, it was snowing
2. I'm a cold boi
3. I decided to grow a beard since I never left the house this week and we cancelled all the lessons


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