October 26, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Montgomery

Tractors for TRUMP

Scroll to the pics for the real meat and potatoes... It was a hype week! We did a lot of work with less-actives and saw a lot of success with the missionary work. Definitely had some of the more wild stories this week.
For starters, we did some cool service this week. WE got to dig some ditches looking for a sewer line, which we did not end up finding after 3 hours. We completely gutted the inside of a house by taking off all of the plaster and 1940 housing trash. Check out the pictures below!
The Tractors for Trump was lit as heck. We were on our way back from a lesson and got stuck in traffic because all of main street was clogged with tons of tractors and semis. Man did it feel good to have some American pride rolling through the streets. One of the coolest experiences to be a part of. 
Another wild one was Elder Montgomery's asthma was acting up, and we had to go to Artesia with the Zone Lords. We pulled up and they wouldn't let me in because of Covid restrictions, so we burned a couple cookies in the parking lot and headed to McDanks. One of the nicest McDanks I've ever been a part of - we were like kids in a candy store because there was so much technology in there: they even had flick basketball and the light up tables. To top it off, I heard Trump's voice, so we had to tune in to his Ohio debate. He killed it! Merica. We went and learned about oil rigs and picked up Elder Montgomery again as though nothing had ever happened :) In Walmart, picking up his prescription after getting home, we ran into Brother Stanford. He had a 20 pack of Mcnuggets which we proceeded to eat over the George lineup of men's clothes in Walmart. If any of your clothes are greasy, I apologize. All in all, pretty sweet day.
Quick spiritual thought: We had a super cool lesson with Arthur Burciaga! We shared some super cool scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon that answered his questions and opened his heart. As we talked about families and how families can be eternal, he got super emotional. It is so amazing to know that we can live together forever when we keep our covenants and strive to be better every day.
Love y'all and hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Quackenbush
Pics:1. The new way of dropping off notes at investigators houses... @HarryPotter
2. TRUMP 2020
3. Demo-ing the house
4. Meanwhile Elder Montgomery is in the Hospital
5. It officially is freezing so I bought some Carhart
6. A big front loader just cuz


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