October 19, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Montgomery

I bodied a fridge...

So this week was fire! We did some wild service and were finally super super busy! Elder Montgomery is settling in and getting things done!!       
To start off, we have been working with a lot of less active people and trying to keep retention up in the ward. It is wild with covid and hard because the majority of the members are over 65 so its been a process for sure!      
The "Fridge Service" as we call it was wild. We cleaned up a ton of dog poop before we headed into the house. Sister Archuleta's fridge went out and we had to get the other one in there. The old fridge we took out and dented it like crazy!! I didn't do it🤐... but the next fridge was way too big to get in there. We took the doors out and squeezed it in the house by a miracle. The next part seemed easy... till it didn't fit into the fridge cut out in the counter. So I took a hammer and took off her floor boards and took a chisel to the others to cut them to size. Not my best work but we got the job done. It still didn't fit though. So... I had the Elders push it in while I slammed it into the wall and we inched it into the spot. We thought we were done but then the doors didnt open😂 we slid it out and it looks super ghetto but she now has a working fridge. We snuck away to go climb her huge trees. (see pics)     
Nathan Heinrich, the guy that came to church last week with Bro Keough, was super interested in the lesson! We almost couldn't stick to the lesson cuz he liked it so much and kept asking deep questions. He already is asking to get into contact with the other missionaries that are in Arkansas when he moves. He is a STUD!   
I listened to the talk "Remember Lot's Wife" (a byu speech from Elder Holland) and I gotta say it's now my favorite. It helped me to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ so much better and how to apply it in my life and in others as well! Overall thesis: forgive ourselves and quit unburrying our past sins, and also don't do it to others. Move forward and this will help us to have mercy, charity, faith and love. Repentance is tied into faith in the future aside from our mistakes!
Love y'all and hope y'all had an amazing week!!
Elder Quackenbush
Pics:1. We got alotta Elders in the tree
2. Some fire white pasta I made one day
3. Elder Mismash sent me this pic telling me how much he misses me


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