October 5, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Montgomery

FB miracle and GC!

What a week! It was a good flow to start things back in motion. Oh, and General Conference was amazing!!     So, we did a lot of grinding on Facebook this week and had a huge miracle! So yesterday, a guy reached out to me asking to help out and do some service with us to help others. His name is Matt and he said he also wants to learn more about the Bible and how to better emulate the example of Jesus Christ in his life. We got to talking and he was super open to hearing our message. We set up a lesson for today at 8am and it was so cool! We got to the end and he said that this message is something that he has been waiting his whole life to hear!! It is so amazing to hear that and see the joy that he has already found! Matt is a beast.
     We got to do a service project at Sister Kashes house again this week. We spent 5 hours clearing the huge pile of trees and debris from her backyard. It was some tough work but I have finally mastered the art of the axe.       General Conference was honestly so amazing and uplifting! I gotta say... the women's session had some heat and was the best session of the Conference, but don't hate on me... I loved how they threw in the shoots and ladders diagram, that stuff just makes good sense and we need more of that in the general session. I particularly loved Elder Soares' talk about our thoughts. It was super cool to hear that our thoughts literally control and determine our eternal perspective. Our thoughts can either give us the power we need to overcome and be far from temptation, or our thoughts can lead us into temptation. If we control our thoughts, we can control our attitude and behavior! I also loved the talk in the women's session about the piano that fell off the dolly and broke. The broken parts were not fixed, but rather they gave them a brand new piano. The Atonement of Jesus Christ does the same for us. I know that to be true and that God loves us!!     I love yall and hope it was a great week!!
Elder Quackenbush
Pics:1. We put up Christmas lights in the room... tis the season
2. We take pride in our trucks over here!


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