August 31, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Miracles no doubt!

Another screaming fast week here and loving every second of it. This week had some great service projects that opened the door to teach some amazing people!
For starters, we got to work at the Salvation Army again. We packed the boxes of food and had a great time. Everyone there has a story and it is so cool to learn from them and be able to learn how much the gospel has truly blessed our lives. My favorite service project from this week was with a lady named Lynn Suggs. She was a lady who we helped demo her house before and she needed some help with her lawn because of her allergies. We ran over there after another brutal project and I got the lucky job of the riding lawn mower. We served her for 2 hours and she got very emotional. Her husband Bill recently passed away so she was open to hear our message. We shared The Plan of Salvation with her and she loved it. It was a special experience and we can't wait to continue to serve and teach her!
We had a huge miracle! Among many other great miracles for finding, Jason was a huge answer to our prayers. For the first time, a member gave us a referral. That is a hard thing to come by here in Roswell. She came to the lesson and it was so great! It was one of the most spiritual and powerful lessons I have ever been in! He said he knows he has been prepared to meet with us. Nine months ago he felt like mentally he hit a wall and asked God to send him where he needed to be. He came to good ole Roswell and got to know sister Davis over his time here. He knows she and her conviction in the church was something God wanted him to see. She shared wonderful experiences and got him out of his shell. He then said that God knew that he had to come here to now be able to go back and listen to the missionaries and progress in the gospel. It was amazing to see how he recognizes the signs and now wants to change and apply God's will to his life.
Lil spiritual thought: I was reading good ole King Benjamin this week and I loved how he showed us we legit are nothing. But, he brought it back and helped us learn from that is that if we are humble, are praying, and have faith that he will make us better. In Mosiah 4:12  "And behold, I say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always rejoice, and be filled with the love of God, and always retain a remission of your sins; and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true." I love that! It is the little things that make the huge differences in our lives. I know when we do our part that He fulfills his part and that promise! 
Love ya'll
Elder Quackenbush
1. Me after I hopped off the riding lawn mower.
2.  Salvation Army was dope!
3.  A lady we helped move some stuff today was standing up in her truck holding stuff. Super sketchy, hahah 


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