August 10, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Slowly, but Surely!

Wow! Once again it's crazy to be writing another email so quick. It was another super productive and cool week!
For starters, Gennie kicked butt this week and went from smoking a pack a day to being clean now for 3 days! She is so amazing and I am so excited for the 22nd for her baptism! She has been working for that day for so long now. Pattie is continuing to battle with the Word of Wisdom. She is a trooper and is slowly making progress towards her baptism as well. Bill Johnson was so cool this week. We started teaching him and the spirit was so strong! He actually asked us what steps he needed to take to continue to work towards the baptism we asked him about before. He accepted the date on the 26th of September!! He is so incredible!
Alright, so the food this week was incredible! We served the Tu'ua family and they had a huge dutch- oven cooked brisket for us with green hatch chilis. SO GOOD! We ripped all their carpet out of their house and helped with some plumbing issues. Another cool project was for the Disaster Relief Program here in Roswell. We helped them all morning on Friday and they posted on their huge main Facebook page about the LDS missionaries. That was super dope! We picked tons of weeds for the Ralf Family. He is an FBI agent so he showed us his guns and we had a great convo. He bet all of us 20 bucks that we couldn't pick up and walk 40 yards with his 225LB cement circle. I got lucky and did it. He then bet me another 20 bucks that I couldn't do a 250LB sack of sand another 40 yards. Welp, he used the 40 bucks to buy the Roswell missionaries Blue Bell ice cream and brownies and we enjoyed it! Man i'm getting a little chunky from all the sugary goodness. 
Just got word too that Elder Mismash and I will be saying another transfer here in Roswell, NM!
So, on the spiritual side of things, my testimony of the Priesthood grew so much! I was able to give blessings to people this week and had an amazing experience. The spirit was so strong and the spirit leads all of us so much! The Priesthood is so real and powerful! When we do the little things in life - taking the sacrament, reading the scriptures, praying daily personally and with our families - we receive the power we need in life to overcome challenges and have the revelation to keep going. I know the Priesthood was restored for us and blesses us all so much!
Love ya'll and hope everything is going wonderful given the circumstances!
Elder Quackenbush
Pics1. The amazing Dutch oven Brisket
2. The Boulder….
3. The ice[-cream we earned from the Ralfs
4. The Relief Disaster Program Service 
5. The weekly carwash!! 


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