August 3, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Special Permission & Service...

Another incredible week here in Roswell, NM! Man I am starting to love it here! 
So, this week we have been working with the members trust still and finally found success. We have done 35 hours of service for non-members alone in the month of July. Tons of great service that makes the days full of fun and contact with new people to teach. We split logs for a couple of families, did tons of yard work, and cleaned up loads of fallen down trees from the storms. We sure make a power team with us 8 Elders and 2 Sisters! 
I got the opportunity to drive down to Carlsbad on Wednesday to do a baptismal interview in Spanish for David. He never showed up and we even looked for his house: a huge alfalfa farm. He was nowhere to be found. We had to call President Child and tell him the situation. Elder Larsen and I were 1.5 hours from the house and it was already 9:30pm. We talked it over with the President and we  all decided we could make it home. He even gave us special permission to go buy some Monster energy drinks but to "dispose of the cans when we got back". Wow was that a cool/fun night! I drove home on the most deadly highway in the US and was being obedient even while sipping a monster at 11 pm. President even stayed up to make sure we got home safe even with his hour time change. President Child is a STUD!
We went back on Thursday to give David the interview. We got Blake's Lotaburger and enjoyed it. The interview was so powerful! It was amazing to speak spanish again and be able to speak and understand his Mexico slang. He is such a cool man and works in the oil fields to send money home to his family in Mexico. He got baptized on Friday and it was a cool baptism! During the interview and while driving home, I had overpowering impressions that this is where I need to be and that this mission experience is amazing! It's tough, but so worth it in the end! 
Love y'all and hope that everything is great!!
Elder Quackenbush


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