July 27, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Hump Day!!

Wow it's crazy to say I've past my year mark already!! It's been such a great experience for me out there in Mexico and now here in Roswell. The gospel is true no doubt!
So this week was really good. We are working on gaining the trust of the members because the last set didn't do too well. We are doing service to get to know them, get outside, and get some references. Its finally starting to work. We had tons of trees to chop up this weekend because of a giant storm that came through. Also, we got to break and move some concrete to dig a pad to lay some cement and cut/lay the re-bar for the pour. Man was that fun work and felt good to do something I love! They used zip ties in place of bailing wire so that was pretty interesting hahaha. 
Our investigator Gennie almost got struck by lightning😬 she is doing awesome working for her baptismal date on the 29th of August. We have seen the power of prayer with her!! Pattie is awesome and still working for the 22nd of August. She made us tamales this week and she is coming along super well and gaining a super strong testimony!! 
Today, we hiked the biggest mountain in the mission. It's in Ruidoso and we woke up at 4am to drive over and hike it. It was brutal! Such amazing scenery and great people to do it with!! 
I beat Elder Larsen in the ping pong tourney so he had to shave his legs with Elder Bingham!!
Anyways, hope ya'll had a great week and that y'all are staying safe. 
Elder Quackenbush 


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