July 20, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

Nose Hairs and Service!

Wow, another week has already flown by! Its crazy how quick it goes! This was such and awesome week for us all here in Roswell. We set up a ton of lessons that fell through but we want to try and reach out to the new move-ins because they are meeting so many new people to get some references. Its a grind and hard to figure out what works well in our area to find, but slowly but surely we are making progress.  

To take a work break, I got all of the dudes in 2 of our districts to wax their nose hairs. It was a great time and they all enjoyed it. Maybe the early morning runs will be a little more quiet with less wheezing and sucking for air.   

This Saturday was one of my favorite service days of all of my mission! We started out with the car wash and it went well. Sarah went on a church tour for 30 minutes and absolutely loved it! She is super excited to get in contact with some of the Elders in her area of the district this week. We went straight from there to rip out some carpet and tile from a house. Man was that fun! We hauled it off then went straight to breaking up cement, hauling that and all of the pavers we ripped out to the dumpster, and removing a huge pecan tree. That was great! Straight from there we went to move a new family in and made light work of the U-haul. I was tired as a dog when we finished at 6pm. 10 hours of straight service, and it was the best time of my life!

I am super excited for what the week will bring! For a quick spiritual thought, outta the book called "The Infinite Atonement" I read this sentence and it really stood out to me this week. "For those who do repent, however, the cleansing process is more than a temporary whitewash- it is a permanent healing for all such men and women, in all ages, in all stages of their existence". I LOVE that! The Atonement is so so real and we as human beings limit it. We always feel as though what we have done is us and we can never change and people will look down on us. It's not! The true doctrine of the Atonement is that we can change and the Lord remembers those sins no more; So why should we? When we repent it changes our very nature and heals us to become better and more like the Savior! There is hope and He is always there to help us and heal us!

Love y'all and hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Quackenbush
Shout out to my brother Carter...Happy 16th birthday bro.


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