July 13, 2020


Roswell, NM


Elder Mismash

The Good Ole Dayz...

So this week was super awesome! I am finally getting used to everything and figuring it all out little by little.

The old days: clip on ties, big huge pant legs, three piece suits, and loafers are back in style. I picked up a brown and black pair of loafers with this DOPE free 3 piece suit with a phat clip-on tie for FREE. I couldn't pass up the offer. So there's that and I sported it to district council this week. Might have to bring her along to the zone conference coming up as well. who knows. 

We did some great service this week and moved tons of dirt. We about over-did the tacoma with dirt but she held up OK. It's hotter than blazes here but it's worth getting outside! We also had the opportunity to unload the food bank semi truck and had a great time. Sure love a good time of service and have seen huge miracles come from the service opportunities we have!

As far as facebook goes.... it's tough. But, I reached out to Bryson Breinholt and he has helped us a ton with ideas of how to reach out and find new people to teach. We helped the Elders in a spanish area do a couple of live videos teaching English and some personal 1x1 lessons where we share spiritual messages after we teach them. It is a genius idea! Shout out to Bryson!! They have so much work we are constantly helping them stay on top of it. 

Miracle of the Week: So with facebook finding, this guy told me he loved country music. I obviously do too and talked about Luke Combs' new song "Even Though I'm Leaving" and he said it brings tears to his eyes (mine too but that's beside the point). I brought up the power of prayer because that is what the song talks about and we chatted for a while until he accepted to hear a message from us. So cool! Who would've thought music could help me be sharing the gospel?! 

I started reading the book called "The Infinite Atonement" and have learned so much already! It helps us understand the base of the gospel in our lives and how to use the Atonement to its full extent. I love how we can repent and turn back unto Christ and that he will pick up the pieces for us and make us whole. He lives and loves us!! Hope y'all had a great week!
Elder Quackenbush


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