February 24, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez


    Another super quick and wild week in El Refugio. For starters we were leaving our zone meeting to set goals and everything and walked out front to see a car on fire. Pretty normal stuff out here I guess.

We started a new fun thing during contacting where we have to contact and use a key word. We were using words like: brick, forest, bike, and a bunch of other weird stuff and it made contacting fun. We got some cool references this coming week from contacting and we will see how it all shakes out.    

Camila was super excited this week. Because of what has happened in her family previously and what she has lived through for over a year, she hasn't talked to anyone or left the house much since her mom died. Her dad even commented to us how much the gospel truly has helped her find peace and joy in her life for the first time. She was so hyper and so happy every visit this week and said that the interview and all the questions were way too easy! Her family brought empanadas to the baptism that they made in their house. They were to die for!! The whole program was great and she was so ready.      

As far as the ghosts, we got a call from Elder Sayer and Elder Hansen one night. They were telling us bits and pieces about what was going on but bottom line- they were spooked. They told us they were coming to sleep at our house. We went and joined them and walked home with them. Of course, we made the traditional nightly ramen cup of soup and went out on the roof. Hansen and Sayer told us the whole story. Got me tripping. They had stuff scratching their door, their locked door was open when they woke up and there was mud on the floor. They had wild revelation and Hansen felt some ghosts try and enter him. Pretty spooky crap. They asked for blessings when  they came over and it was a super cool experience. They all went back and blessed the house. They aren't afraid of no ghost!    

Miracle that was pretty cool this week. We were going to visit a reference from a lady but her back hurt super bad and she could barely walk. We walked super slow with her. When we were coming back some dude in the street was calling all his friends with this secret calls when he saw us. They were waiting until we dropped down in the gully to come jump us. But I saw a less active member that I had a huge promoting to say hi to. I went over and made a big scene. The dude that was following us super close walked 2 feet from us and looked us up and down in a huge open street. It was a miracle we talked to him because it saved our bacon. Without him we would've been like sitting ducks because of how.slow she made us a target. Pretty close call.

Anyways it was a super quick week again and all is well. Hope you are all doing great!
Love Elder Quackenbush 


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