February 10, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

I need to retake English

It was a super incredible week. To start off, remember that goat soup from Cholula. Well it came back around full circle. We went to visit our investigator Candelaria after church. We were chatting and because she sells barbacoa she whipped out two bowls of Goat soup and just served us. I looked at it and croaked. Now it looked better than last time because there wasn't as much grease but I knew I was cooked. I looked at my comp because he already knew about the past story and he laughed. He took the first bite and looked at me like he was dying. Granted, we eat a lot of stomache and weird stuff but sheep intestines, fat, and who knows what just has a different ring to it. We put about a whole bowl of cilantro and onion in there with a ton of lime. We prayed together while she went inside to make the water. We finished it and thought mission complete. Then she proceeded to give us cold green mole. Then what's worse is we had to go eat with a member after we were already full... I guess it's just our lives now haha.      

We are prepping Jaziel for the 15th to be baptized and he was a JW before but has prayed and felt that we are the only true church. Pretty cool to hear. We are preparing Camilla for the 22nd and she also has studied and practiced with the JWs for a while. She's confused but will come to see the baptism of Jaziel and feel a lot better. Our lesson yesterday was super cool with her and the spirit was super strong when we testified about the church. Speaking of JWs.... we were contacting this week and found a super devoute one. She knew the bible through and through. We went to teach her and she said that God is Jeova. I turned to probably 5 or 6 scriptures and singed her eyebrows a little bit but it was through love so she didn't get offended. She had no words and then tried to quote a scripture I knew from the bible but changed Dios to Jeova and I said that's not how the scripture goes. We turned to it, read it, then we packed up our stuff because she didn't want much more. I didn't want to be contentious but I remembered that it's our responsibility to defend our beliefs so I put the pedal to the metal.  

Quick update on the fam meza: we gave Martin and Carlos the priesthood yesterday and they are super stoked. The dad Aquileo has had problems with drinking. He developed sackes of blood in his stomache and holes long ago from drinking so he stopped. For some reason picked it up again and this week one of the sacks of blood popped and as you can imagine it's not good. They have no money to get him fixed and he literally looks like he's dying. We are going to pass by with the bishop and see how we can really help..   

Ok as for the English. I've gotten to the point that my Spanish isn't great and my english is trash as well. We met an investigator that is an English teacher and he wanted me to teach in English. No lie, I couldn't do it. I stumbled, muttered, and said ummm more than a million times. His name is Riccardo Piña and he is pretty cool. He already knows the LDM is true and wants to change. He has a smoking addiction so strong that he always shakes. He smoked 3 cigarettes just in our short time there because it's such a need for him. I really know and have seen  if he has a real desire to change, then the Lord will carry him and help him overcome this addiction. Not gonna lie it was super sweet to teach in my English because I could finally express myself 100 percent. Anyways we will see what this next week holds and I hope you are all doing great!!
Elder Quackenbush 


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