January 13, 2020


Refugio, Arboledas, Mexico


Elder Martinez

Miracle week!!

Wow, what an incredible week! We got here in Refugio, Arboledas and are working super hard! 

So first off, our area is pretty sketchy here in the mission. My zone leader was teaching a fam here and they showed up to the visit and they were murdered because the family was listening to the lessons. This happened a little over 6 months ago. Then the whole church got robbed at gun point about 6 months ago... pretty interesting stuff. But, there is tons of potential and lots of work here.

One of our investigators was really skeptical of the church. I pulled out some pretty sweet scriptures and used the questions I learned in Junior Year English class with Mr Hall to get her to understand. My comp and I finally got her to agree that if God told her it was true, she would act and follow his will. That was a success but then she didn't stop there. She said she wouldn't want to leave the house because she would sin and make mistakes if she changed to our church. I told her what my dad always tells me, "If you can look yourself in the mirror every morning and know that you are trying to be just a little bit better than yesterday, that's all the Lord can ask for". She was astounded. She had no more words and agreed to read, pray, and see what the Lord says.

No lie... I have never worked so hard in my life. This week about killed me. I am not sleeping well and I wake up and study early from 7:30-11:30. It is tough. I haven't had one second this whole week to think about anything. We saw huge miracles though. One of which was we now have the members eating out of our hands. We had a member bring his friend to us on Tuesday and said he is ready to be baptized. He said "I trust you guys so I will permit the lessons to be taught to him…" miracle! We are baptizing him this weekend. His name is Carlos. Then, we were working with every reference we have picked up because there is literally no paperwork and none of the leaders know anything the other elders did here because they didn't ever meet together and the elders didn't write down any of the work in the area book. So, member references is all we got here. Toward the end of the week, we went to visit one reference. No lie... I've never thought in my life and have never been so sure that we were going to be robbed as I was that night. This reference lives in the sketchiest part of our whole area. We should have been jumped… seriously. We knocked on the door of the visit a little early cuz we wanted to get home a little bit earlier and he wasn't there. But, we talked to this man's son and he said, "well he's been reading the BOM and he said he is ready to be baptized"..... say what??? Later, we taught him the restoration and he accepted super well. I invited him to be baptized the 25th and he accepted. So many miracles!
My "son" (or trainee) is incredible. He is from Sonora Mexico and we get along super well. We enjoy every minute and are always joking around. We are finally starting to teach together with power. It is so cool to see him progress and grow. Today we are going to go play soccer as a zone and relieve some of the stress. Not gonna lie, I wish I would've practiced soccer a little more before the mission cuz I'm trash... anyways I am loving it here and I am super super happy!! Hope this week was great for you all!
Elder Quackenbush 


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