December 16, 2019


Izucar, Mexico


Elder Arcze

Week of Traveling

There were so many meetings this week. Since we are on the outskirts of the mission, we were always on the bus and combi traveling 2-3 hours all week. Positives…it was a good week to catch up on sleep and study.

Something cool from this week is we went to this place in Izucar, 2.5 hours away, and went to stay with the zone leaders because they had a leadership conference in Puebla. I worked that day with 2 other gringos with the same amount of time as me here in the mission. The zone leaders left us 0 visits and 0 information and 0 about the area or people, so we started from scratch. We looked in the "carpeta de area" to try and find some people to go teach. We searched and searched all day to find those people. Nobody! The miracle came of course, on the last person we said we were going to try and find. We showed up and they said "Nooooo way, please come on in. We've been waiting for you guys to come back!" Turns out that the two elders from 6 months ago were teaching and they both left at the same time. The other Elders didn't go back to teach them and they said they missed the peace and the feelings they had when we are there and teaching. We taught the restauration in all of our broken Spanish and it was super sweet. After, we asked if we could help or serve them... they asked if we could help move a ton of dirt that was blocking the rest of their house. We ran back to the zone leaders house and rummaged to find any work clothes they had. We ran back looking like goons in our church shoes and semi normal work clothes. The family was all super grateful for the help and the zone leaders are now teaching them again. Cool experience!

With our investigator Gonzalo Rios, he took us to the jungle today and we looked for iguanas and snakes. Good way to relax and to shale off some of the stress. I am super happy and learned an important lesson this week. The Lord usually makes us wait to see the miracles until we have passed the test of being patient and humble. I am still working on both of those attributes but I am so incredibly happy to have the opportunity to serve here in Mexico.
Love you all.
Elder Quackenbush


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