November 18, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez

Wild, wild times!

Last Monday was insane! We were in a car getting a ride home from a family home evening that we did with a family. We got a call from one of our investigators. She was crying and said that her dad was dying and we needed to come help. Her dad got in a fight with his girlfriend and started drinking. He ended up drinking half a bottle of bug spray that he made to kill himself. We raced over there and ran in. There were 20 people in the room but they let us in to see him. He was facing the wall and was shaking like he was having a seizure. We moved him onto his back and he was stiff as a brick. It was complete chaos. We asked his daughter for permission to give him a blessing. We leaned over the bed and gave a short, and simple blessing. After, he could start opening his eyes. He still couldn't see or think straight. He was a mess! The ambulance came and we all strapped him to a chair and tied him to it with his bed sheet. We carried him down to the ambulance and the entire neighborhood was outside watching us. They were all so grateful for our help and it was the wildest thing yet on my mission. I learned that you never know when you need to give a blessing, but it is so important to always be worthy so when times like that come... you're ready and can help.
Other than that, it's been a normal week of working. The good news is I am super happy and loving it. The bad news is our investigator that came to the baptism and church said we can't visit her anymore. Lidia said that she was disrespecting her father and his religion because she was receiving the lessons in his house. She just wants some time to sort some things out. That was a little tough to hear.
Our main goal this week is to finally baptize the familia Munoz. It's been a process no doubt, but hopefully we get it done this weekend. 😀 
We got to pick up dog poop in a park all day for service this week and it was super fun. Tons of laughs and good jokes. After that, they fed us the best tortillas I have ever had!!
Love, Elder Quack


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