November 4, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez

Wedding & War

A quick week for sure. We were focused a ton on getting all of the paperwork and exams done for the Familia Muñoz. They have been really cool to work with these past weeks and see them grow. Our stress was crazy the day of the wedding to get them and all their extended family there and have all of the paper-work too. We all arrived and signed in. The ceremony was really special. I never thought David would cry, but it was super cool when they gave their promises and were putting on the rings to see their emotions. They are so sweet and have huge hearts. They could not stop smiling after they were married.
Next week, 16 of November is the date set to baptize them. It will be a special experience!
As far as the war part goes... Mexico loves day of the dead! We were out contacting in the street and the kids started throwing these fireworks at us. They spin and throw tons of sparks; they are dope. We ran back to the house and then after a little, went to watch the neighbors throw fireworks cuz we obviously can't. While doing this… our house was literally surrounded by 20 people throwing the same fireworks at us. The funnest and wildest thing to be running all around the house and backyard dodging these things. Haha fun experience!
This P-day we went to a waterfall and then ate at a members home. Good to get out of the house a little:). This next week is full of meetings and all that fun stuff. Hope all is well!
Elder Quackenbush 


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