October 21, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez


Another good, but tough week! My companion and another elder, Elder Medina had to go to Puebla again twice this week for more exams. No results yet and they have to go back again a few times this week as well. It is really tough to be on splitz alot yet still help your area and find new people to teach. But, on Wednesday Elder Obray and I went to his area. We were contacting and found this man that was locked out of his house and had 2 hours till his wife got home with the key. How perfect right? Haha so we asked if we could share a quick scripture with him and he said "yeah." We first starting talking and then he went for straight deep doctrine questions and then proceeded to ask the three perfect questions; "where did we come from, what is our purpose here, and where are we going?" Literally perfect! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool. The spirit was so strong and there were scriptures and words brought to my mind that I would have never thought of. The lesson went really well and at the end I asked him to be baptized. He accepted! Pretty stinkin cool, us gringos both in our training, taught a really good lesson and the spirit helped him accept.
Our investigators, family Muñoz, are progressing. It's slow but they are all getting their assistance up and the desire to change is growing. We are going to marry them on the 30th of this month and hopefully baptize on the 2nd of November! Fingers Crossed!
Funny story this week…. We were out serving our neighbor and their dogs literally started trying to kill each other. I snagged a broom and started doing my best to stop it. The owner of one of the dogs comes out of no where with a shovel and chaos continued. We finally got the dogs seperated and there were pretty good battle wounds on both dogs. One of the members was laughing because she was in the house and only saw me sprinting with a broom hahaha. Good times here in Mexico!
Excited for the upcoming week for more splitz and opportunities to learn. Make it a great week!
Elder Quack


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