October 14, 2019


Cholula, Mexico


Elder Sanchez

Now I understand a reason for my back problems!

This was a really good and a hard week! Our investigators, Family Muños, called us and needed some help. They are so poor that they literally didn't have enough money to buy food for the day, so we had the opportunity to buy food for them. Such a humbling experience to walk into their one room and see only blankets on the floor for their beds and nothing else in there. We are so so so blessed!
After, we helped David on his job building the walls of a house. It was fun to plaster the walls and get dirty.
On Friday, my companion had to go to the hospital to get some tests done on his stomache. Elder Medina, in the house, had to go as well so we went into Puebla. When we got there, Medina and Sanchez went on splitz to the hospital and Obray and I (the gringos) had nothing to do. We couldn't work cuz we weren't in the zone so we were bored. We say a buffet sign and went straight for it. We ate so much food and had a good time waiting for our comps. They had to go back the next day so Obray and I stayed in our area while they went. We taught a blind guy the Plan of Salvation and he had a ton of huge deep doctrine questions. It was amazing! The spirit helped us so, so much to understand, to know what to say, and to know how to help him. The Gift of Tongues is so real its incredible!! Now here's the best part of my week. The wife of our investigator Carlos, is an eterno where she comes to church but isn't progressing in the gospel. Her name is Brenda and she is so sweet and we connect so well. We were just talking after we ate and somehow we started talking about trials and challenges in our lives and what we learn going through them. I talked about my back and what I went through with all of that and all the good that I learned because of it. We talked about so much, but when I talked about the problems with my back and my challenges, she literally opened her heart and she told me everything. I asked her what was her hardest thing to endure and how she has grown. Her answer was, "Right now is the hardest my life has ever been!" She explained how she wants to progress in the gospel but can't because she is not married. We talked and talked and I am going to help her to talk to her husband and set a date to marry them. It was so cool to be able to be so young, yet through my back experience, connect and be able to understand and help someone. Challenges are the worst but the Lord sometimes needs us to have hard times to be able to help others. I am so so, so excited to help her and be able to hopefully help others.
Lots to learn and lots of Spanish too. One day I'll make it haha. Love you guys and hope all is well!
Elder Quackenbush


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