August 23, 2019




Elder Sandberg

Week 4.5

   It’s official: I have lost 10 pounds since being here and surprisingly I look way chunkier than when I got here hahaha. Oh well.
Today we had to go sit in the migration office all day to finish up the Visa. What a fun way to spend P-Day haha.
On Sunday they made me Zone Leader and made Elder Clayton the new District Leader. We got two new districts this week in the zone and they are already kicking butt on the required material. I’m stoked to be working with so many people and have the opportunity to grow through the assignment. It’s crazy to think that I have a little over a week and then I’m thrown into Puebla. So dope and so ready to go figure it out and start inviting people to progress in the gospel.
Elder Grover got here Tuesday and it was so good to see him! Koa is a stud and is gonna be a great missionary!
On Tuesday there was an incredible devotional we watched live from Elder Bednar. He talked about how to be the best missionaries: stop pondering on if it was the spirit and just walk and you will be guided. Stop worrying about everything and just try your best. That was exactly what I needed to hear! There’s so much pressure to go and be perfect, but that not how it works. This week I grew so much and yesterday while studying scriptures with the class outside, I looked up and had an overwhelming impression that this is where I need to be. Looking forward and thinking about two years seems crazy, but I am so excited to just go serve and give of my time to others. Love you all at home and hope all is well at home!
Elder Quackenbush


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