February 26, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Piero Pacella

I got my toes in the water - group email

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Hey yall!
This week was pretty normal. We just did alot of finding with not a whole lot of success. We are still trying and working hard though. On Saturday it was crazy we were driving down to the beach to do some street contacting down there. Since it's like 80 degrees every day right now we figured there would be tons of people walking down by the beach. Well.. We were right. There was a huge party called the Seawalk Music Festival and it was crazy. We had to leave because there were too many girls in bikinis and drunk people 😂 so that was wild.. Like it's February and already people are partying down by the beach 😂
We went back to one of our referrals and it was crazy again.. He went off on us again about how religion controls people and authority isn't anything and just how he can go on a bunch of missions and stuff. Idk so crazy 😂
Our investigator Bryce has been doing good. He comes to basketball night on Fridays still we are just struggling to get him to church. We're trying our best so we'll just keep working on it!
Kinda a non crazy week so sorry! We are going to top golf today with a member so that should be fun! Love yall have a great week!


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