January 29, 2018


JAX Beach Ward


Piero Pacella

JAX Beach life! - group email

Hey yall!

This has been one of the longest weeks on my mission 😂 not sure why I think it's just the business of transfers. Transfers were on Wednesday so Monday and Tuesday I went and said goodbye to some members and investigators that I'll really miss. I assured them that it wouldn't be the last time 😉 everyone has the flu right now so at transfers we couldn't hug or shake hands so seeing all my friends and not being able to hug them was weird haha.

Wednesday I got into my new area! THE BEACHES! This area is amazing and beautiful. The members here are amazing. My area goes from the Mayport naval station all the way down to Ponte Vedra Beach. The PGA golf course Sawgrass is in my area so maybe one day I can convince a member to take us golfing 😉 haha jk. But ya everyone here has like lots of money so it's kinda weird cuz I'm not used to proselyting in rich areas haha. When we get fed usually we get taken out to a nice restaurant so I think I'm gonna like this area. One of the members in my ward coached football at Alabama for awhile and he even trained a quarterback whose in the NFL. can't remember who it was haha I'll let you know next week. Don't worry mom the mission nurse is in my ward hahaha.

So on Thursday we went to a huge church called Eleven22. We got invited to go by an investigator. Hopefully we can be like hey we went to your church you gotta come to ours kinda thing 😂 but it was crazy like it's a huge church full of music and preaching. It was actually really fun we saw some members of our church there so that was funny 😂 the pastor was roasting the patriots and the refs haha. We have an appointment to go back on Thursday with another investigator haha. We saw kid get baptized and after the program we went and added him on Facebook and were gonna try and teach him 😂 he needs the truth hahaha.

So... Elder Pacella.. The infamous Elder Pacella. So when I first met him we got in the car to go emergency shopping with the fort Caroline elders. He tells me "Elder Lamb you're from Mesa Arizona right?" I told him yes and the he said "hmm I have a friend there right now he loves that mission" after about 5 seconds it finally clicked and I asked "wait.. Is his name elder Calio?" and he said yes! I explained that he was the missionary in my ward when I went on my mission and both our heads just exploded 😂 small world! But Elder Pacella is awesome he loves the Lord so much so I'm excited for this transfer.

This is his last transfer so he's been working out hard and getting fit so we are gonna stay in shape and work hard in the lords vineyard. I must be good at "killing missionaries" because this is the second time and I've only had 3 companions 😂 RIP Elder Folsom and Elder Pacella.

This is gonna be a good transfer I can already tell! Love yall!

BTW my new address is:
1100 Seagate Ave Apt. 220
Neptune Beach FL. 32266


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