August 17, 2017


Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Elder Hawkins

The Weekly: Part I

Dear family and friends,

I would like to first apologize for my first email, as I accidentally sent the email with all my contacts as the recipient, without using BCC. This created an email thread that was confusing to some people reading.

This first week at the MTC has been a complete change of life for me. I now wake up at 6:30 AM and go to sleep by 10:30 PM. I spend about six hours a day in class learning my new language (Tagalog) and spend three hours a day on personal and companionship study.  The new buildings of the MTC are very nice, though most of my classes are in the older buildings. My companion until I leave the MTC is Elder Hawkins. He is from South Jordan, Utah and is in a family of 14.

I expected the MTC to be like boot camp in how strict it is. It really isn't, which both surprised and impressed me. Instead, the leaders of the MTC believe that your success is dependent on your obedience, and that if you are disobedient you will struggle more and lose out on blessings from your Heavenly Father. There is enough freedom here that I could do whatever I wanted, nothing is policed, but I strive to follow the MTC rules anyways.

I love and miss you all! I hope all is well. My next email will be next Thursday. If you'd like to send me mail before I leave the MTC, my address is listed below

Elder Carl Joseph Bialorucki
Sep 27 PHI-CAU
2005 N 900 E Unit 15Provo, UT 84602


Elder Bialorucki

Now for the fun stuff, pictures!
1st picture - Me eating lunch at the cafeteria with my roommates at the MTC. For being cafeteria food, the food is really good.

2nd picture - Me seeing my friend, Syster Bingham at the MTC
3rd picture - Me seeing another friend, Elder McCaffree, just before he was getting ready to leave the MTC and go to Japan.
4th picture - A picture with my District in front of the Provo Temple

5th picture - A picture of the MTC Auditorium, where Elder Ballard and Elder Anderson both spoke to us this Sunday and Tuesday (I got front row seats ;)

I will soon send another email with more pictures.


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