September 23, 2019


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile


Elder Luke Anderson

Last Week Let's Freaking GO

Well I´m so glad that I´m not ending my mission this week because this week was wild. We had the fiestas patrias, or the celebration of the country )or the freedom, not exactly sure how they explained it=. For our safety we had to enter the house about 2 hours early for 3 days straight, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But despite the 7 and a half hours lost, we still had a great week.

On Tuesday we had a ward activity which we participated for the games but not the food. We did a tug'of'war and I got put into a group with all the older people )like grandpa old=. We got put against the younger group, which had 2 people )plus my comp= who lifted weights and are basically jacked. Guess who won_ WE DID!!! That was super cool. On the other hand we had lots of people show up to the activity. A part member family that we´re teaching came plus 3 people that we´re teaching. That was a small success. There were also lots of people that the members invited to the activity that had a good time. The activity lasted late into the night but because we had to be in the house at 7 we left early. The ward was able to fellowship the people that were there without us so that was a huge help for us.

Wednesday we were prohibited to contact people )but just in case someone contacted us I brought about 5 Word of Wisdom pamphlets=so we visited members. WE ATE SO MUCH!!! Everything from empanadas to asado y mote con huesillo and all class of typical Chilean fried goods )they fry a lot of stuff= I came home and stuffed.

Thursday the contact ban was lifted, but it was so difficult because it was still a day off. We had some appointments that fell through and we visited a member who had a party with the committee that helped in the temple open house. It was pretty cool because there conversation was centered on the Gospel, their experiences and the importance of the Gospel in their lives. It was a great conversation.

But amongst all these experiences with the members, we were able to help the part member family we´re teaching come to church. That was a miracle because we´ve been working with them for 2 months to come back to church and after lots and lots of activities, Family Home Evenings and being a little bit insistent, they finally came. It was awesome to see them in the second bench, which is where we sat.

I gave my third talk in the ward and they always ask me to talk about the missionary work. But for some reason I felt the need on Thursday to talk about the Spirit in the Missionary work. So I prepared with that focus, and the Gathering of Israel. When we got to church on Sunday and I heard the first talk, about the Holy Ghost, it was perfect. I was able to deliver a great talk and what more I didn´t use a whole lot of my notes. I think it was a good solid talk.

Speaking about the Holy Ghost, out mission president has put a huge focus on finding the guide of Holy Ghost, because it´s for him that we can truly have success in the missionary work. I´ve realized more than ever the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives and for our own conversion. It has made such a difference in my own personal life here in the mission and I hope to be able to keep that Spirit with me even after.

The great thing is that this week will be normal )ish=. I´ll be ending work my tail off. Love you all. Thank you all the prayers and support that you´ve brought me for these 2 years. I´ll see you soon!! I Love You!


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